Personalized Wooden Signs
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Shown here are more examples of the personalized wooden signs available from The Wood
Nook. If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us; chances are we can make
just what you'd like.
oak kitchen sign
Kitchen Signs
Let everyone know they are in YOUR
kitchen with this 2 piece large oak
sign. Made from 1/2 inch thick solid
oak, it features 4 inch tall letters and
mounting slots on the back to display
on your kitchen wall.
Finished with a medium hand rubbed
finish to show the natural beauty of
the wood, this will be a beautiful sign
for your home.
Item # KS40
Kitchen Sign      Price: $28.00
Name Desired
wooden signs by wood nook
custom oak and walnut wooden sign
Oak on Walnut Sign
These are examples of our custom made
signs. Featuring 1/4 inch thick oak letters on
a 1/2 inch thick American walnut
background, it creates a striking, beautiful
sign. Finished with natural oils, the entire
sign is then coated with a protective
polyurethane finish. The size of the sign
depends on the desired lettering and the
size of the letters. The top sign features 2
inch tall letters, and the sign itself measures
7 inches X 20 inches. The bottom sign has 2
1/2 inch tall letters and is 24 inches x 6
inches. They  have 2 keyhole slots routed
into the back for hanging. Different font
styles are available, we will work with you to
create a special sign just for you.

Since these are custom made signs, please
contact us for pricing information: your sign
may be more or less, depending on the size.
The price on the ones above were $25.00.
Item#: OWS12
Custom Wood Signs
evecutive desk sign, name plate
This Desk Sign features connected capital letters in a professional style font to
look good on your executive's desk. Made from 3/4 inch thick solid oak, it's an
impressive name plate. This one is customized with 2 dog figures, yours can be
personalized with other designs or can be made with just a name or phrase. The
letters are 1 inch tall, and the sign pictures is about 20 inches wide; yours may be
narrower or wider depending on the number of letters in your name.  It's finished
in a Danish Oil finish to protect the wood yet leaves the beauty of the oak show
through. Priced at $2.00 per letter with no charge for periods or spaces. Any
custom design (like the dogs) is priced like the letters, $2.
25 each. When
ordering, simply purchase enough letters to make your sign.
Item # DS25  
# letters needed
Name(s) Desired
Double Line Desk Signs
Two lines of text are featured on this customizable desk name plate. This sign can be made with
almost any images on the ends you'd desire, or it can be made with no images at all, the top line
gently curves down to the base. Made from 3/4 inch thick solid American oak, the sign shown above
has bottom letters that are 1 3/8 inches tall, the top letters are 1 inch tall. The hearts are 2 1/4 inches
tall and the entire sign is 3 3/4 inches high and 19 inches wide. Also available in Walnut. It features a
durable hand rubbed finish to bring many years of enjoyment.
# Letters needed
Name(s) Desired
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Capital Desk Signs
Oak on Walnut Desk Sign
Oak letters on a Walnut base provides eye-catching appeal for this
custom made Desk Sign. Featuring 1 3/8 inch tall oak letters on a 1/2 inch
thick American Walnut background, this desk sign will be a compliment
to any business person's desk. The sign shown above is 18 inches wide,
2 5/8 inches tall and is has a gloss lacquer finish for protection as well as
highlighting the beauty of the wood.

Item #OWD35        Price: $2.
25 per letter, no charge for periods or spaces
# letters needed
Name(s) Desired
Shown above is a variation of the Double Line Desk Sign, with no figures
on the ends and the top support line gently curving down to the base.
These signs can be
made with almost any name or phrase you'd like. The one above is 13 1/2
inches long and 3 3/4 inches high and is also made from 3/4 inch thick solid
American oak.

Priced with no charge for periods or spaces. To order,simply purchase
enough letters (plus design) to make your sign. There will be an
opportunity during checkout to leave your personalizing information.
For any questions, please contact me at   
Item # DDS27

Due to an injury I sustained to my back,

The Wood Nook will not be accepting

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We hope to be back as soon as possible.

Thank you for visiting our site, we look

forward to serving you in the future.