Wooden Family name signs, Family name plaques from The Wood
Nook. Indoor and outdoor styles available, scroll down to see more.
Imagine this plaque hanging in your home displaying YOUR family name. Handmade by me in my shop,
I can personalize it just for you. Made from solid 1/2 inch thick American Walnut, the plaque has
decoratively routed (beaded) edges, and has 2 keyhole slots in the back for mounting on your wall.
The letters are made from 1/4 inch thick oak, and are stained a lighter color from the plaque to call
attention to your name. The entire plaque is then finished with a beautiful, durable Danish Oil finish
that is hand rubbed to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. The plaque is 5 1/2 inches tall, and
the length will vary depending the length of your name. The one in the photo is 15 inches long. The
letters in the NAME  are 2 inches tall, the letters in THE are 1 1/2 inches tall.

I like my customers happy with their purchases from me, so I offer a money back guarantee; if after
receiving your family plaque you're not completely satisfied with the craftsmanship, please let me
know within 7 days and your purchase price will be refunded.  

Price: $2
Item#: FNP 59
This plaque could be hanging on your home
displaying YOUR family's names. Handmade by me in
my shop, I can personalize it just for you. Made from
solid 3/4 inch thick wood, the plaque has decoratively
rounded edges, and the last name plaque has 2
keyhole slots in the back for mounting on your wall.
The smaller first name signs are attached to the main
plaque with brass hooks. The letters are engraved
into the wood, and are painted black to call attention
to your name. The plaque is stained with a traditional
medium color stain, and then is coated with 2 coats
of polyurethane for weather durability. As shown is
the photo, shades of the stain will vary according to
the grain of the wood, giving each plaque it's own
unique character.     

The large letters are 2 1/2 inches high, the smaller
letters are 1 1/2 inches high. The main sign is 6 1/2
inches tall, the first name signs are 3 inches tall. The
length of the sign will vary according to the length of
your last name: the one pictured is 21 1/2 inches
long, and the first name signs are 9 inches long; all
signs will be at least 20 inches and 8 inches long,

The price shown includes the large last name sign
ONLY, the first name signs are purchased separately,
and can be purchased below.  

Please email me the names you would like on your
plaque or put in the comments section if using my
Shopping Cart, and I'll take it from there.

I've shown 2 pictures of "The Moffitts" name sign;
the bottom photo is taken in better light and more
accurately shows the true color of the sign.

Family Name Sign                             First Name Plaques
Price: $4
5.00                                      Price: $12.00 each
Item #: FNP60                                    Item#: FNP60A   
Indoor family name sign
Family Name Signs, Plaques
Name Desired
Name Desired
Name(s) Desired
oak and walnut family name sign
The Wood Nook family name signs
routed name sign wood nook
Shown here is an example of the First Name
Plaques by themselves, making a name
display without the last name sign. They look
nice all by themselves. The ones pictured
here are 3/4 inch thick, and 11 inches long.
The top name (Elicia) has 2 hanging slots
routed into the back for hanging the names
to display. They are all coated with a weather
proof polyurethane finish for outdoor
protection, and feature brass hooks to
connect them.

First Name Plaques
Item # FNP60A
Price: $1
2.00 each
Name(s) Desired
Indoor Family Name Signs
Outdoor Family Name Signs
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Cedar Family Name Sign
This Family Name sign is made from 3/4" thick
Eastern Red Cedar and can be hung outside as it
features a weather protective spar urethane finish,
but also looks nice enough to be displayed indoors
as well. The top sign pictured is 18" x 6 1/2", lengths
vary according to the name desired. For a letter size
reference, the capital letter "B" is 2 1/2" tall.
The black lines are grooved into the cedar, the
letters are raised above the cedar, making for a
strikingly unique, beautiful sign.  2 keyhole slots are
cut into the back of the sign for hanging.
This sign has lots of eye appeal, and will look great
wherever you choose to display it.

Cedar Family Sign    
Item #CFNS         
Price: $37.50
Name, Year Desired
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Temporarily Unavailable
Due to Unavailability of Sign
Quality Cedar. Sorry for any

Due to an injury I sustained to my back,

The Wood Nook will not be accepting

any new orders until further notice.

We hope to be back as soon as possible.

Thank you for visiting our site, we look

forward to serving you in the future.